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Dear Friends This year 2016 will be our 49th year or providing organized Roller Hockey to the Youth of the community. We are very excited about the upcoming season and we look foward to continue providing a positive sports experience for our Players. Over our 49 year history we have taught thousand of kids how to skate and play the sport of roller hockey.



College Point Roller Hockey has a system of timed shifts so that all players whether they are seasoned players or just learning to skate play an equal amount of time in our games. In addition to running the overall game clock we run a shift clock which enables us to change lines every 2 minutes through out the game, no player can take his next shift untill all players on the team take theirs. Teams usually consist of three lines and are paired against the other teams lines according to ability. Seasoned players play against the other teams seasoned players and new players are matched against new players on the other team. We find this to be a very fair system for all the players an allows new players to learn the game. Our Youger Division is purely instructional with and emphisis put on skating and general hockey skills.For the older division we keep full Team Standings as well as individual player Stats.So dont sit around in your room playing video games. Come on and sign up for a team and learn the sport of Roller Hockey whether you are a beginner or a superstar. Make new friends, Stay in shape, and have fun playing the exciting sport of Roller Hockey

* OPEN TO GIRLS & BOYS AGES 5 TO 17 YEARS OLD * Included Team Jersey, Weekly Practice, 10 Game Schedule,free end of Season Barbeque for all players. Plus All Stars Games and Junior Division round robin. ******Games are generally played on Sundays. Starting time for games,12:00 or 2:00pm for the younger Divisions,4:00 or 6:00pm for the older divisions games on Sunday, Practices takes place on Weekdays with practice starting times apx. 6:00pm and lasting about 2 hours depending on division and coach. Younger Divisions Practice on Thursday or Firdays, Older Divisions are on Monday thru Wednesday. We do not play when the ground is wet. We will play a 10 game schedule, games will start in April and we will finish up the season In June. At the end of the Regular season schedule we will finish up with additional AllStar Games for both Divisions. So come on down and join for our 49th season of continuing play. We have'nt missed a season in 49 years since we started. Why play anywhere else? Our coaches have played in the league when they were kids and now coach and run the league. We are Roller Hockey.

We have managed once again to keep our fees low. If you have not played CP Roller Hockey before the fee will be $125.00. If you have played CP Roller Hockey before you will receive a $25.00 discount the fee for you will be $100.00, bring a friend who has not played before we will give them the $25.00 discount. If you and your friend sign up and you have not played the fee would be $100.00 each player. To register by mail you may go to the Forms Page of this web site and right click on the icon to download the necessary forms as many as you need and mail them to us at CPRH, P.O.Box 30, C.P.,N.Y. 11356 Additional Infomation can be Downloaded from the download Page of this Web Site. Or call 917 861-7203

We are a not for profit organization. All officers, coaches, and staff freely donate their time in helping to run the League. But we do need volunteers. As children in the league grow older most of the parents in the league who are coaches move up with them so it becomes necessary to find coaches for the younger divisions. If you think you would like to coach or assist a coach please contact us at the above telephone number. If you have never coached hockey before we will have someone to show you how to go about it. In addition to coaches the league needs team mothers, maintenance people, fund- raisers and party organizers. So if you have ever thought about volunteering some time to the youth of the community now is the perfect time. On the bottom of the registration form are boxes you can check if you would like to volunteer. Please do so.


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